Becoming a Provider

Types Of Home Child Care Providers

Legally Licensed Exempt Care (470 IAC 3-1.1-26) you may never care for more than five unrelated children at any one time! Operating a child care home that is required to be licensed by Indiana code, without a license, is a class B Misdemeanor ( IC12-3-2-17). A fine of up to One Hundred Dollars a day, for each day in operation without a license. (IC12-3-2-17)

Legally Licensed Exempt Provider certified to accept CCDF Vouchers– you may never care for more than five unrelated children at any one time. In addition, you must meet the nineteen minimum standards that the state stipulates in order for you to be reimbursed by the Indiana Child Development Fund (CCDF). A great website for information about this program is here.

Class I Child Care Home(470 IAC 3-1.1-7.2) Means a child care home that serves any combination of full-time and part-time children, not to exceed at any one time twelve children plus three children during the school year only who are enrolled in at least grade one. The addition of three school-age children may not occur during a break that exceeds four weeks (i.e. summer vacation).

What are the benefits to Licensure?
  • Ability to enroll in Paths to QUALITY and take advantage of those incentives
  • Marketing Advantages with the local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency
  • Increased professional status
  • If an emergency should arise, you can care for more than 5 unrelated children.
  • Access to information about free or low cost educational training
  • Ability to apply for TEACH scholarship (T.E.A.C.H. Indiana)
  • Opportunity to increase your enrollment
  • Updates on State and local early childhood information
  • Access to resources to enhance your program
  • Recognition as a professional business
  • Receive the support of the County Child Care Licensing Consultant
  • Licensed providers receive higher payment when caring for children on the CCDF Voucher program, than non-regulated providers.
To Become A Licensed Home Child Care Provider
  • Attend Orientation Training One. This is a one hour online training. You can complete this training by creating an account through Training Central here.
  • Attend Orientation Training Two. This is a three hour training that is held throughout the year in most counties. To view the schedule that best meets your needs, please visit our training page.
  • For additional questions regarding licensing your home, please contact Krystal or Melissa at 800-932-3302.
  • Prepare your home for inspection utilizing the inspection checklist and rules obtained in Orientation II
  • Complete the Application for Home Licensure provided in Orientation II. Obtain appropriate documentation and training as necessary for yourself, caregivers, and family members.
  • Submit the completed application and appropriate documentation to your licensing consultant. The Licensing Consultant will call you to schedule an inspection.
  • The Licensing Consultant will complete the home inspection.

Class II Child Care Home– Providers who have been licensed and in good standing for a minimum of one year can contact Victoria Matney at 765-742-7105 for more information about becoming a Class II Child Care Home.

A Child Care Center is a licensed facility designed to provide care for one or more children in a commercial building.

For further information: 877-511-1144 / Registrations and reservations for Orientation II Sessions for Centers is available here.

A Child Care Ministry is a child care operated by a religious organization. Please note: A child care ministry that is exempt from licensing must clearly state in all of its paid promotional advertising that the child care ministry is providing child care as an extension of the ministry’s church or religious ministry. A child care ministry that is exempt from licensing must be referred to in all of its paid promotional advertising as a child care ministry.

For further information: 317-233-5414. Registration and reservations for Orientation II Sessions for Ministries is available here.