Family-Friendly Policies for Employers

Lack of access to affordable child care and early learning is not a "family" issue, it is a community, business, and workforce issue that must be addressed. As an employer, you can support you employees with young children through company policies and by supporting the early childhood infrastructure in your community.

Menu of Options to Support Employees with Young Children

  • Offer information to employees about their local child care resource and referral (CCR&R) agency FREE
  • Allow employees the opportunity to have flexible schedules as they transition back to work after the birth of a child FREE
  • Provide information to employees about Vroom, a free app that helps parents promote early brain development in children ages 0-5 FREE
  • Incorporate family-friendly activities into employees events FREE
  • Sponsor the diapers for the child of and employee for the first six months or year of their life $
  • Offer a dependent care flexible spending account (DCFSA) for employees $
  • Provide an employer contribution to your employees' DCFSA $$
  • Subsidize the cost of child care and early learning programs for your employees $$
  • Partner with a local child care program to find solutions for employees $-$$$
  • Include child care fees in the benefits package your company offers full time employees $$$
  • Open an on-site licensed child care center for the children of employees $$$

Implementing these policies helps to recruit and retain employees during a time of low unemployment and high competition among businesses to fill vacant positions.

Check out some case studies of Hoosier employers that have implemented innovative family-friendly practices,

Do you already have family-friendly policies in place? Let us know! We want to showcase businesses that already support their employees.

For information about implementing these policies, contact our Community Engagement Team at [email protected].