Krystal Hitchcock

Krystal Hitchcock - Data Assessment Specialist

Data Assessment Specialist

I began working at The Child Care Resource Network in: 2004

Hometown: Lafayette, IN

What inspires me? my family, my coworkers, the next generation, paying it forward, and everyday heroes

Who was my childhood hero? My grandmother, Delaney Brooks, is still my hero. She was the most caring, selfless, and loving person. She never complained and she put 100% into everything she did.

Education: Youth and Family Services, B.S., Purdue University

Favorite quote: "People with good intentions make promises, but people with good character keep them." -unknown

Background and Expertise: Growing up, I was responsible for my brother a lot of the time.  I was a people pleaser and loved working with others and knew I had to do something very people oriented. In late high school, I worked at a child care center and decided that I did not only want to work with children but with families as a unit.  I started out at a Head Start program working with families and then was recommended for a position working for families in Head Start that had children with disabilities.  I had quickly found a need to understand inclusive care, early intervention, the families role in children's success, etc. I was then recruited for the local special education cooperative. I worked with the preschool evaluation team to coordinate evaluation and then therapeutic services as needed. After five years in that role, I felt compelled to do more. I began my career in child care resource and referral as an Inclusion Specialist and, since then, I have worked in several positions with The Child Care Resource Network and I am passionate about improving the quality of care for children in Indiana.

Ask me about... becoming a licensed child care provider, child care licensed regulations, improving the quality of child care.