Upcoming Workshops

  1. February 2021

  2. Creating a Safe Environment for Young Children

    We will discuss how to set up your home environment to keep your child safe. Topics will include, car seats, infant sleep, child proofing your home, water and outdoor safety, and chocking, medications and poisons.

  3. Downloading Calm in a World Full of Chaos

    Learn strategies to help support social emotional regulation. These easy to use strategies can be implemented anywhere, helping you get through life's many twists and turns. These new skills are great for the professional setting or at home with your family.

  4. Building Social and Emotional Skills at Home

    We will explore ways to build your child’s social and emotional skills. As children develop socially, they learn to take turns, help their friends, play together, and cooperate with others. Emotional awareness includes the ability for children to recognize and understand their own feelings and actions and those of other people, and how their feelings and actions affect them and others.

  5. Establishing Positive and Productive Relationships

    During this session we will discuss positive strategies that parents can use at home with their children.

  6. March 2021

  7. School Readiness

    Come and discover some fun and exciting ways to help children get prepared for kindergarten. We will focus on every day experiences children need in order to prepare them socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively for school.

  8. Meaningful Conversations with your Children

    Join us for this webinar to learn how to start and nurture meaningful conversations with your children of any age.

  9. A Child’s First Teacher

    Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher! We will discuss way families are teaching their children at home and what else they can do to support learning in the early years.

  10. Growing Up Healthy – Nutrition and Physical Activity for Children

    We will discuss the benefits of physical activity and identify strategies to improve healthy habits for children.

  11. April 2021

  12. Child Development: Is This Behavior Normal?

    As caregivers of young children we often ask ourselves if the behaviors we are seeing are normal. During this workshop we will discuss child development and take a deeper look at each developmental stage.

  13. Strategies for a Smoother Bedtime

    Is your bedtime routine a nightmare? We will discuss strategies to use in order to decrease frustration and lead to a smoother bedtime routine.