Upcoming Workshops

  1. April 2021

  2. Raising Confident Children

    Find out ways to raise confident children and encourage them to be able to communicate, feel good about themselves and be problem solvers.

  3. Discover Your Child's Temperament

    Discover different temperaments and how to cope with the differences of each and appreciate the uniqueness of your child.

  4. May 2021

  5. Child Development: Is This Behavior Normal?

    As caregivers of young children we often ask ourselves if the behaviors we are seeing are normal. During this workshop we will discuss child development and take a deeper look at each developmental stage.

  6. Family Routines

    Learn how to have family routines that are regular, predictable and consistent.

  7. Navigating Transitions in Your Child’s Life

    This training will offer methods you can use to help transitions go as smoothly as possible.