Upcoming Workshops

  1. June 2021

  2. Summer Fun!

    Learn Ideas for things to do with your children as summer begins.

  3. July 2021

  4. Teaching Responsibility

    We will discuss ways to teach your children age-appropriate responsibility.

  5. The Effect of Childhood Trauma

    Join us for a discussion on childhood trauma hosted by Jessica Pierce. Jessica is currently a Center Director and has a passion for studying the brain and the impact that childhood trauma has on development. She holds a certificate in Applied Educational Neuroscience from Butler University as well as a master's degree in Elementary Education from Ball State University

  6. The Power of Love

    Identify ways to show love to children.

  7. August 2021

  8. Getting Back Into a School Routine

    Learn how to help your children establish a routine after summer break is over.

  9. Sensory Play for all Ages

    Join us to discuss the importance of sensory play and learn fun ways to incorporate it at home.