Upcoming Workshops

  1. December 2021

  2. Mental Health in Young Children

    Increase your understanding of what mental health looks like in young children. Participants will leave this session with new skills that can be used to support the mental health of the children they care for.

  3. Getting Your Child to Eat Healthy Foods

    Learn ways to get your child to eat healthy foods and sharing healthy snack ideas.

  4. January 2022

  5. Caring for Grieving Children

    During the session families will learn more about how to support young children as they work to overcome grief.

  6. Raising Creative Thinkers

    Find out ways to help your child to problem solve on their own.

  7. February 2022

  8. Strengthening Family Relationships

    Children feel safe and loved when they have strong and positive family relationships. During this session we will discuss ways that families can work together to strengthen these relationships.

  9. Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

    Find out ways to reduce conflict and produce resolutions when siblings are not getting alon