School Age Child Care

The Child Care Resource Network School Age Specialist is available to answer questions about best practices, and provide training and on-site support to parents and providers who care for school -age children.

Look and Listen for:


  • Organized, safe and clean programs.
  • Children and youth that appear to be happy in the program.
  • Staff who work well together
  • Staff who are respectful of each other.
  • Children busy with activities
  • Children who help each other and cooperate.
  • Happy sounds of children in the program.
  • Staff engaged in activities and conversation with the children and youth.
  • Adequate materials and space for a variety of activities.
  • Quiet, soft spaces for reading, quiet games and relaxing as well as space for active play.
  • Materials and program space that reflect diversity.
  • Space that reflects the work and interests of the children and youth in the program.
  • A program that provides a rich learning atmosphere that supports children’s education.
  • Bathrooms that look and smell clean.
  • A safe playground area that is fenced in and has cushioning material under climbing equipment.
  • Hazardous materials that are kept out of reach of children and youth.
  • Food preparation area that looks and smells clean.

For more information about school-age services at The Child Care Resource Network, please contact Lisa Walter at 765-742-7105.