Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor - Inclusion Specialist

Inclusion Specialist

I began working at The Child Care Resource Network in: 2015

Hometown: Battle Ground, IN

What inspires me? the idea of making a difference in the lives of children and families and ensuring that all children and families have access to great opportunities regardless of ability

Who was my childhood hero? my mother

Education: Early Childhood Education and Exceptional Needs, B.S., Purdue University

Favorite quote: "A child whose behavior pushes you away is a child who needs connection before anything else." -Kelly Bartlett

Background and Expertise: I have always loved working with children. As a teen I provided care for my younger siblings and in high school, I taught in the preschool located within the school. I have over four years of diverse experience in several types of care including a high-quality (PTQ Level 3) licensed child care center with infants through school age children. I am licensed to teach kindergarten through third grade in a traditional setting as well as in a special education setting. Prior to my current role, I worked as a paraprofessional in a development preschool program (special education for children ages 3-5).

Ask me about... working with children with special needs, one-on-one coaching on behavior and special needs, communicating with families about possible delays and referrals to service providers, professional development on all inclusion topics (inlcuding environment, social emotional development, behavior, classroom management, and developmental milestones).