Choosing safe and healthy child care

There are five steps to choosing safe and healthy child care.

  1. Look!
    Visit several different child care programs before you decide which one is best for your family. Look for:
    1. Children are supervised at all times, even during nap time.
    2. Caregivers and children wash their hands often, especially before and after eating, and after using the bathroom or changing diapers( both caregiver and child).
  2. Check!
    1. Toxic substances like cleaning supplies and pest killers are kept away from children.
    2. First aid kits are available.
    3. Posting of practice fire drills once every month is available.
    4. Safe playground equipment has no sharp edges and is kept in good shape.
    5. Medication is out of reach of children.
  3. Count!
    Count the number of adults and number of children they will each be supervising. Be certain there are enough adults to supervise all of the different activities that are planned.
  4. Ask!
    1. About the training and experience of all adults who will be with your children.
    2. About first aid and rescue breathing training.
    3. About discipline policies to make sure they are compatible with your philosophy.
    4. About children being able to choose among activities.
    5. About caregiver’s knowledge of child development.
    6. If all caregivers have gone through a background check.