Infant and Toddler Care

The Child Care Resource Network has an Infant and Toddler Specialist. Tracy is available to do an enhanced referral, answer questions about best practices, and lend support to parents and providers.

Please contact Tracy Johns at 765-742-7105.

What to look for in a Responsive Child Care Setting for Infants and Toddlers
  • Children are allowed to function on individual schedules.
  • Parents receive daily written reports about their children’s day (and formal progress reports twice a year)
  • Parents are free to visit any time during the day
  • Caregiver adheres to the state-regulated caregiver/child ratio.
  • Caregiver’s turnover rate for families is under 20%.
  • If caregivers leave, staff help children to understand the transition.
  • Staff receive medical benefits, vacation leave, and continuing education support.
  • Caregivers respond to child-initiated interests.
  • Parents can get involved in the program.
  • If the parent is nursing, the caregiver is responsive and accommodating.

Health and Safety Issues to Consider for Infants and Toddlers

  • Diapering, sleeping, food preparation and play area are separate.
  • Clearly written sanitation procedures are specific to each area.
  • Instructions are posted on proper diapering and food storage/preparation procedures.
  • Staff receive training on health and safety issues.
  • Infant’s and toddler’s toys are wash and disinfected regularly.
  • A sick child policy is in place.
  • Adults regularly conduct safety checks of all areas inside and out for potential safety hazards.
  • Staff maintain children’s personal grooming standards (e.g., hand washing).
  • Infants are put to sleep on their backs.
  • Staff is equipped with appropriate first aid material. Staff members know basic first aid techniques (e.g., CPR).
  • Staff practice fire drills and evacuation procedures.